Today’s the day I hook up with a lovely group of writers who take one word and write bravely, with no editing, for five minutes.  Want to play along?  Check it out here:  http://www.lisajobaker.com.

It never stops.  I always think that soon, someday soon, there’s going to be time for me to slow down and think, but it never happens.  It’s like there’s a bass drum line to my life, with a relentless beat that keeps me moving.  School, work, home.  Summer, fall, winter, spring.  Laundry, dishes, vacuuming, mopping.  Life doesn’t slow down, it marches forward.  With apologies to Sonny and Cher, the beat goes on.

As a child I thought myself the center of the world.  If I died, surely the world would just stop, right?  I couldn’t imagine the world going on without me in it.  And yet….it would.  Just like it has gone on through generations from Adam and Eve until now.  The beat goes on. 

And there’s security in that rhythm.  God’s directing the drum line and choosing the time signature, and He’s got it all figured out – how long the song goes on, how fast or slow it is.  I like knowing that all I have to do is match the beat He’s already sounding, just keep in  step with His rhythm, and He’ll work the rest of it out. 

(I wasn’t sure where I was going to go with this one, but hey, my 5 minutes are up and I’m not supposed to tweak overmuch, so it is what it is. )

11 thoughts on “Rhythm

  1. That is a fantastic use of your 5 minutes! Working on keeping in step with His rhythm is what it’s all about. Sometimes, that rhythm beat is a bit to fast and sometimes it seems much too slow – but either way, I’ve got to keep to it. Loved this!

  2. Band geeks unite, Crystal! Haha… Love the imagery here. And I love especially that you admit to having no direction for the post. Just goes to show that even we have no direction, God has his 🙂 Loved this!

  3. oh so much yes! love where your 5 minutes brought you. may we each follow our inner metronome…or as you helped me see it–the time signature He has placed on us from in the womb… {HUGS}

  4. I’m finally starting to find security in the rhythm He beats out for me…it’s not always easy to trust Him, but I’m so thankful I can. Beautiful words, friend! Blessings! 🙂

  5. Yes! I hear you – it’s like you want to press pause – but it keeps going on. And what keeps us going is His beat and His rhythm – older than the stars. So good to be able to put our trust in that – that is our security. Blessings to you this weekend!

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