It’s that time again – in the very best of ways!  Time to join up with some of the bravest writers I know and write freely, off the cuff, for five minutes.  If you want to play along, visit for all the details. 


I’m a pretty good listener.  I talk a lot but I know how to stop and listen to the other participant(s) in a conversation so everyone has a turn to speak.  I can read non-verbal clues, and I know how to listen to what’s not being said to get to the real message.

Except when it comes to my conversations with God.  All too often, they are one-sided whine-fests.  Or I’m giving Him a to-do list, a veritable Christmas list of the things I’d like to see happen.  It’s far too rare that I shut up, stand back, and give Him a chance to speak.  I think it would be so much easier if God spoke to me over a bright red speaker so there could be no mistake, but instead He usually chooses to speak to me through circumstances, other people, His Word, and my own intuition (for lack of a better word).

So you’d think that because He has proven Himself to me so many times, I’d learn that listening to God leads to wonderful things and it’s worth the time it takes to hush and be still, but I’m not there yet.  Listening to God led me to my husband.  Listening to God gave me the wisdom to seek adoption, and direction on where/when/how to move forward, which led me to my third child.   

And it’s in those moments when He cups my face in His hands, turns it to Him, and whispers, “Listen…”  that I find the greatest peace. Oh that I would always have ears to hear His voice!



4 thoughts on “Listen

  1. I too struggle with listening to God… I need a 2×4 first and then a loud speaker… I wonder how you get better at that…. If you figure it out will you let me know?

  2. Um, yeahm there’s that! Seriously need someone to tell me to just “hush up” most of the time. And “whine-fests”, I’m pretty good at those too some times. Don’t even get me started on my wishlists. So good!
    (BTW – do you know how happy it makes me just to look at that picture. I love that there’s no band of sharp shells you have to pick your way through before getting to the water. Love it!!)

  3. So Much Yes! Just when we think we have learned this – we realize that the noise in our head is once again drowning out His soft and loving Voice! Aren’t you just so grateful for His ever flowing Grace and His consistency in cupping our face? Love this!

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