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With apologies to my hometown boy, Kenny Chesney, “Every time I hear that song, I go back”.  I have always had what I like to call a musical soul, and certain songs can literally take me back in time, with all the smells, sounds and emotions of the time in my life when that song was important to me.

For instance:  “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and “Love Lifted Me” take me back to a warm day in the back yard of a little 2 bedroom bungalow in Knoxville, TN, when I couldn’t have been more than three years old.  i sat in the swing with my Mama and she sang me those songs.

“I’ll Fly Away” takes me back to a little country church we used to go to when I was a kid.  There was no air conditioning in that church and it was HOT, but boy could those believers harmonize on the old hymns.

“Thriller” makes me remember a summer afternoon at the public pool, complete with the scent of Hawaiian Tropic Deep Tanning Oil (SPF of 2 – what were we thinking??)

In the same way that some couples have “Our Song” (mine and my husband’s is “Beautiful in My Eyes” by Joshua Kadison), I have a song for each of my daughters.

For my oldest daughter, “Baby, Baby” by Amy Grant is our special song.  It was written for Amy Grant’s oldest daughter and it’s bouncy and cheery, just like my daughter was as a baby.

My second daughter’s song is “With Arms Wide Open” by Creed.  I listened to that song over and over while I was waiting for her, and it conveyed all the hope and promise I felt inside.

The song I chose for my baby girl was originally “Swept Away” by Geoff Moore, which is very appropriate because it was written for a child adopted from China.  Over time, though, I may have changed my mind.

“Unredeemed” is a song on Selah’s “You Deliver Me” CD, which is full of great music.  the lyrics talk about how anything that’s shattered we can lay before the Lord and it will not be unredeemed.  It’s a powerful song about how no experience is wasted, and nothing is beyond God’s capacity to make something good of it.  At the very end of the song, the words are:

It may be unfulfilled
It may be unrestored
But when anything that’s shattered is laid before the Lord
Just watch and see
It will not be unredeemed

Places where grace is, soon to be so amazing
It may be unfulfilled
It may be unrestored
But you never know the miracle the Father has in store
Just watch and see
It will not be

Just watch and see
It will not be unredeemed

THAT song makes me think of many different things, but most especially my baby girl.  All the years we prayed for a third child, all the heartbreak and anguish of loss, God redeemed that.  Living proof of His redeeming love lives in my house.  We had no idea of the miracle God had in store for us, but when we laid our shattered dreams at the altar He picked them up and made what I thought was a mess into something good.


Well, I had lots more to say, as usual, but it’ll have to wait for another blog post.  🙂

7 thoughts on “Song

  1. Oh I love this… love how you let us into your story with snippets of songs and memories… and that last one… yes “I will not be unredeemed” – thank you friend!

    P.S. So you’re a country music fan or a Kenney Chesney fan. If you answer yes to either of those roomie I am fairly certain we were separated at birth!

    • How about “yes” to both of those? I’ve had the joy of seeing quite a few of my favorite country artists in concert because my oldest girl is a HUGE country fan. Haven’t seen Kenny yet, although since we’re from the same town maybe we crossed paths before he was famous.

  2. I have always wished I could come up with a song for every special occasion – what a wonderful gift you have! Your story touched me. I especially liked how you included the words of “Unredeemed” at the bottom of your post and the reminder that He wastes nothing and restores our hope, redeeming the mess :)!

  3. I have never really thought about how songs take me back to certain places but they do. I love that you have a song for each of you girls that really is a gift in the story to give each of them.

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