It’s beautiful meeting of minds and words every Friday at  The lovely Lisa-Jo provides a one-word prompt and hearts all over the world open up and spill real-life encouragement all over the screen.  Want to play?  New friends are always welcome!  Here we go!

I love this word “brave”.  It’s strong, solid, brief but to the point.  It sounds brave.  But what does it mean to be brave?

Brave is looking straight into the eye of your fears and doubts and standing your ground.  Brave is wrestling those fears and doubts to the ground and then climbing over them to get to the other side.  Brave means you don’t stop when you reach a wall – you build a ladder and you climb over it because brave means you do it anyway.  Brave is moving forward despite the whispers of fear and doubt that blow from every direction.

Brave is a little girl with cancer who walks into a treatment center with heart beating loudly, but with a tremulous smile on her face and a skip in her step.

Brave is a firefighter rescuing a family from a burning house.

But brave isn’t always loud or obvious.  Sometimes it’s quiet and almost…ordinary.

Brave is a 13 year old girl walking into school every day even though she knows no one is going to speak to her all day and that she’ll eat lunch alone.  Again.

Brave is getting up out of bed when you just don’t know if you can face One.  More.  Day.

Brave is walking into your office not knowing if you will have a job at the end of the day because your company is in the midst of layoffs.

Brave is clicking “publish” on a blog post not knowing if anyone will ever read it.

Brave is a single mother who is exhausted by life’s demands and doesn’t know how she can do it all alone, but she does it anyway.

Brave is being the first one to apologize.

Brave is volunteering to host a meeting of women you’ve never met in an effort to build community.

Brave is driving up to the home of someone you’ve only had contact with online, and then getting out of the car and ringing the doorbell to join a meeting of women who are strangers to you. (Hello, inRL!)

Brave is laying your soul bare with your words, peeling back the layers one by one and exposing the tender places to public view and potential humiliation.   You might squinch your eyes closed and turn your head to soften the blow, but you do it anyway because you believe it’s what God told you to do.

Brave is a group of warriors who meet every Friday online and use words as their weapon of choice to beat back the fear and doubt in not only their own lives but the lives of others, and in the process offer some encouragement to someone else.


5 thoughts on “Brave

  1. “Brave means you don’t stop when you reach a wall – you build a ladder and you climb over it because brave means you do it anyway.” Love that. Love all your images here of moving forward despite resistance. It certainly takes a lot of bravery to overcome doubts and fears. Thank you for sharing words with the encouragement to push through!

  2. Oh, my!! Do I need to tell you how much I love every word of this?? So many ways to be brave in our life and most go overlooked. Beautiful!!

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