It’s that time again –  time to join in with a fearless band of wordsmiths to write bravely for 5 minutes, which we do every Friday here: .  Want to play?  New friends are always welcome!

I’m in introvert who longs to be an extrovert.  I enjoy being with people and making friends but I’m reserved and I don’t always know *how* to go about starting those deeper relationships.  I blame the “only child” status that plagued me until I was 15 (at which time I got a baby brother, but that’s a whole ‘nother story).


There are different kinds of friends and if we’re lucky, we get to experience a few really profound friendships in our lives.  My first BFF was my neighbor growing up.  She was also an only child, so we filled as as sisters for each other.  I spent almost as many nights at her house as I did my own during the summers, and we wore a path in the grassy alley between our houses.  We fought and made up, navigated the dangerous waters of junior high and high school together and helped each other learn critical life skills, such as how to apply make up and how to shave your legs without causing permanent scars.  One of the lovely things about sites like Facebook is that it helps us keep in contact with those people we otherwise might not be able to find.  There is nothing that can replace a childhood friend who has seen you at your worst (8th grade perm disaster) and your best (wedding day) and loves you either way. 

Then there’s Pam, who held my hand during some of the darkest days of my life.  She’s the sister of my heart, and although we are now separated by some 200 miles, she is still as dear to me as ever.

But I also love my new friends.  My friend Sylvia has seen me at some of my worst moments.  She sat with me the night I had some of the most excruciating pain of my life and didn’t flinch.  We’ve been on vacation together, we’ve cried together, prayed together, and most of all, we’ve given grace to each other.  We’ve been friends for almost 7 years now (4 by her count, but that’s a long story) and I can see us being friends when we’re old and gray, sitting in rockers on the front porch.

Tomorrow I will take a leap of faith and hopefully make some even newer friends, and my friend Sylvia will be by my side (Isn’t that what friends do?).  I love the community of women I have “met” through FMF and inRL online and although I’m nervous about meeting face to face (will they like me?  will they be disappointed with me?) I’m still moving forward.  God has designed us for community, despite those days when we long to go back to bed and pull the covers over our heads.  Our community with each other here on Earth is a reflection of our community with Him, so I want to be welcoming, and loving, and open, and above all, a grace-giver. 

(OK, I confess I went over 5 minutes.  Grace, right?)


5 thoughts on “Friend

  1. Good morning! I am so glad I stopped by your site and read your FMF post. You are a good writer. Love your warm tone, transparency, and vivid writing–you don’t tell, but show in your post. Very nice.

    I loved hearing about your feelings (introvert v. extrovert), your friends, and your big step to meet cyber-friends in person tomorrow. Keep writing. Keep connecting with the friends and community God is knitting into your heart. Proud of and excited for you!

  2. Girl! So many comments, I’m all over the place. I got sidetracked by the post below for a second – I KNOW this story! My own is so much like it in many ways. Then there’s the background photo. Don’t know the exact location, but that is N. Myrtle Beach to me (so many good memories that warm me up). Then this! I have those friends, and I’m so glad that you do. I’m glad that we are starting to make those chain links on Thursday nights and here in the comments. I hope that this weekend blesses you more than you imagine. So glad I was able to be so close to you this week at LJs. 🙂

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