It seems like lately I’m always on the way to somewhere else:  work, home, kids’ activities, church, shopping, etc.  I spend a lot of hours in my car!  And I’m always thinking ahead to the next thing and trying to stay on schedule, otherwise my “planner” side would be climbing the walls with frustration.

Likewise, I waste far too much of my life waiting to arrive at the next destination:  when I lose this extra weight, I’ll buy some nicer clothes.  When I have more money, I’ll be happy.  When my kids are older, I’ll allow myself time to explore my creative side.  When I have a nicer/bigger house, I’ll do more to make it feel like home.  Always waiting for my life to begin and never really experiencing where I am right now.

But here is a perfectly fine place to be.  Why not look around, take a breath, and enjoy where I am?  Here is a nice home with plenty of room, warm in winter and pleasant in summer.   Here is the time and place God has chosen for me.  Here is a family with a loving husband who works hard to provide for us.  Here is three lovely daughters at various stages of development.  Look at the grown one, raising a daughter of her own, and enjoy her just as she is right now.  Admire the 12 year old, growing into a lady right before my very eyes, and instead of biding my time through the coming teen years, live here.  Adore the 8 year old with her athletic grace and determined spirit and instead of wishing she was more quiet or mature, live here.  Living in the here requires me to recognize the gifts I’ve been given and relish them instead of always rushing ahead to whatever comes next. 

There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead – Psalm 20:4 says, “May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.” But take time to enjoy here before it only exists in your memory and your rear-view mirror.

3 thoughts on “Here

  1. ” But take time to enjoy here before it only exists in your memory and your rear-view mirror.” yes!
    thank you for the reminder! i think God is using Lisa-Jo to really teach us this week, don’t you?
    thank you for your words

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