Ordinary.  Bleh.  Bland, like the Cream of Wheat I just had for breakfast (Lots of iron!  Good for you!).  But just scratch the surface and you’ll see that ordinary is anything but.

There I am, going through the motions of my day when there’s magic happening right before my eyes.   The alarm goes off, and my eyes open blearily to see the sun peeking through the blinds.  I can SEE!  The sun is coming up!  I have a safe home and a comfortable bed to wake up in, and a loving husband to wake up beside.  I’m showered in blessings and I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet.  How many people in the world don’t have those basic things in their ordinary days?

I get myself ready for work (my body functions, at least fairly well) and help my children get ready for school (I have children to help, something I despaired of having during my years in the infertility doldrums).  I drive them to school (I have a car, we got there safely), and I get to tell them I love them and see their sweet smiles as I drive away to leave them at a school where I know the staff well and trust them with my innocent babes.  I drive on to work (I got there safely, I have a job I enjoy, working with people I like) and get on with my “ordinary” day. 

There is power hiding within our ordinary days.  Our God is there with us and He is anything but ordinary.   

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