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Dear TV executives:

Even though it makes me feel like an old fogey, I feel the need to complain about the state of the entertainment industry these days.  Why do I have 200 cable channels yet cannot find anything remotely worth watching?  Why do 30-minute television shows consist of 20 minutes of actual show and 10 minutes of clever pleas from some corporate entity intent on separating me from my hard-earned money?  And let’s just talk about what those 20 minutes of television might contain these days:  words that used to get my mouth washed out with soap, alternative lifestyles that necessitate discussions with my children that they are not ready to hear, and sexual innuendo/content that would make a sailor blush.  And that’s during what’s supposed to be “family hour”!  Where are the family shows that encourage “good” behavior instead of glorifying “bad” behavior?  Where are the feel-good shows that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside?  I’m no dummy – I know that the world’s (even one family’s (anybody else miss “The Brady Bunch”?)) problems can’t be solved in 30 minutes (20 if you subtract commercials) but sometimes I like to imagine a world where that’s possible.  So you can keep your “Bachelor” and your “True Blood” and your “Two and a Half Men”.  Until you come up with some programming that is spirit-affirming instead of soul-sucking, you can find me curled up on my couch reading a good book.


A disgruntled former viewer

One thought on “TV

  1. I’m right there with ya! And kid shows aren’t much better. I remember one episode of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” where both boys were secretly trying to get their girlfriends to go back to their dad’s empty apartment so they could be alone. What the what?!? They were like 10 years old! That was the LAST time my kids watched that show. It’s so frustrating.

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