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“Bare” is such a scary word.  Nothing to hide the unsavory parts of you, nothing to keep you safe and protected.  Just you, open and vulnerable.  We cover our bodies with layers of clothing and our hearts with walls in an attempt to keep others from seeing the parts we want to be kept private.

God sees us as we are and there is nothing we can use to hide ourselves, unsavory parts or not, from His eye.  But here on Earth, who sees us bare, emotionally speaking?

I’ve been laid bare in a cold and brightly lit room in an outpatient surgery suite as I waited for the surgery that would empty my womb of a pregnancy already ended by nature.

I’ve been laid bare in a doctor’s office when I was told that there was hope for a baby one day, despite the infertility that haunted my days. 

I’ve been laid bare in my own living room as a husband told me he didn’t love me anymore and wanted out of our marriage. 

I’ve been laid bare in a totally different way in the meeting room of a hotel in China when I held my daughter for the first time, and twice before that in hospital delivery rooms as I experienced the miracle of life for two more daughters.

And I’ve been blessed to have a handful of friends over the years with whom I can bare my heart without fear of being hurt, and that’s huge for me.  I have a real fear of being “pitiful” and that causes me to cover up so thoroughly that sometimes even *I* can’t find what’s underneath.  Thank God for those friends who love me, warts and all!

Bare.  Naked.  Unadorned. Vulnerable.



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