I’ve heard that there are 365 verses in the Bible where God said, “Do not fear.”  Now, I’ve never sat down and counted them for myself but it would be just like my God to do such a thing – one “Do not fear” for every day in the year.  Some enterprising person should create a calendar with a verse reference for each day so when (not if) the fear creeps in on any given day, you’d have a weapon to use to beat it back.

To me, the word “afraid” implies a dread of something unpleasant, unexpected, unwanted, or unplanned-for, or some combination of all of them.  I’ve been afraid, but I don’t live in fear.  Afraid is a place I visit (reluctantly) and move past, not a destination.  I believe when God tells us we should not be afraid He’s saying one of two things:  1) The thing you are afraid of is not real and/or won’t happen; or 2) Yes, the thing you fear is real but I will be with you all the way.

I was afraid when my husband walked away from our marriage back in 1990 because I didn’t know what was going to happen to me and our young daughter.  But true to His word God was with me all the way.  Did that mean I was never afraid?  No, but I learned that my fear doesn’t change my circumstances and God can be trusted.  He’s got my back and that gives me the courage to face the fear and keep on walking past it.

Now it’s your turn.  Let’s see what you’ve got!

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