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So many things I cherish are easy to explain like my husband and children, but some are a little mysterious.

On my bookshelf in the bedroom like a blond Buddha rests a small vinyl doll, about 5 inches tall.  Her eyes are closed as if she’s laughing, and her mouth is spread wide in a smile that makes no mistake of her general mood.  I have fished this little doll out of the trash can numerous times because no one else seems to understand why she’s so special.  Here’s why:

When I look at that doll, I am transported back to the summer between 3rd and 4th grades.  On a trip to stay with my Dad that summer (my parents were divorced), I took a walk with my Mamaw (yes, this is a country girl talking to you here) to the local Kmart.  Neither side of my family had much money growing up so this must have been trip for essentials, and we walked because we didn’t have access to a car just then.  It was hot and sunny (I remember it like it was yesterday) and I was not enjoying the walk very much.  While we were at the store we saw a display of small dolls in various hair/skin/eye colorations and different facial expressions.  I asked my Mamaw if I could have one and she said yes, which tells me they must have been very inexpensive.  She picked up this one in the green dress, with its eyes closed in laughter, because she said it looked like me.  I’ve kept that doll ever since.  Maybe the fact that I’ve had it so long makes it more cherished, but its main value is that it reminds me that my Mamaw cherished ME and saw me as a happy, smiling child.

My Mamaw went to see Jesus back in 1992 but I’m happy to say that the laughing little girl she saw in me still lives on.



(Am I the only one who thought of the song, “Cherish” when I read today’s prompt?)

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