I’ve been aware of the One Word 365 philosophy for a couple of years now but have never felt compelled to take part in it myself.  The idea is that you choose (usually with some spiritual direction) one word to concentrate on for the whole year, in place of a list of resolutions that will most likely be broken the first time the wind blows the wrong way.  I don’t like resolutions myself – I’m a rebel at heart and the idea that I have to keep to a set of self-imposed limitations…well, it makes me want to dig in my heels and rebel.  But a word that I can meditate on for the next 12 months and maybe (hopefully) see some life change come from it, that I can do.

So I’ve been reading on Twitter (#oneword365) about the words that others are choosing and there’s a word that keeps popping up in my head.  It’s pretty vague and could be interpreted in quite a few ways but it is the one that persists.  Less.

As in less of me and more of Him.  Less of the fluffy and inconsequential.  Less clutter, both physically in my home and mentally crowding my brain.  2013 feels like it will be a year of whittling down my life to the basics – the things that really matter.  I can already see my chosen word at work in my life.  I had to clean out my laundry room today due to a washing machine malfunction, and in the process I had to empty my backup pantry (I’m an occasional couponer so I tend to stock up when I find a good deal).  As I pulled the jars and cans off the shelf I just kept thinking about how we could get along with LESS of this stuff. 

So…less:  smaller in size, amount or degree; lower in consideration, rank, or importance.  This could be an exercise in reduction all the way around.  Less junk so I can see Him more clearly. 

It’s already causing me to examine my online commitments.  I can’t possibly be involved with every single group of Christ-following Mom bloggers, so I’m going to have to choose.  I decided to do the scripture memorization project with Living Proof, so I won’t be able to memorize Romans along with Ann Voskamp (1000 gifts), even though both are worthy endeavors.  I feel the need to do less things, so I can do them well.  In the past I’ve had a sort of shotgun approach to life – go off in all directions and maybe you’ll hit the target – but maybe it’s time to narrow my focus so I’ll have a better chance of hitting the target I *want* to hit.

I look forward with anticipation (and trepidation!) to seeing where God wants me to apply “less” in 2013.

3 thoughts on “Less

  1. I could use a little less in my life as well, I like your word. It could go along with being Intentional because your are choosing a few to pursue instead of everything.

    I’ve felt the same in the past of choosing a word, I didn’t want to be boxed in by one word, what if I wanted to change it in a couple of months? But I decided to go for it this year, so, we’ll see!

  2. Great word! I think you are the only person I’ve seen with it. Boy, we could all do with a lot less of many things when there is only One we need more of in our lives. Hope this is a life-changing word for you in a way that brings a multitude of blessings.

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