Boo hoo!  It’s the last Five Minute Friday of 2012.  😦

Ten tiny fingers, ten tiny toes (I counted).  One tiny nose and a head covered with fuzz.  Unfocused blue eyes and a pink rosebud for a mouth.   And she was mine.  How could this be?  How could this perfect little person have been growing inside my body for almost nine months?  Amazed is too mild a word for the way I felt the first time they placed my newborn daughter in my arms.  Stunned.  Transcendent.

There’s a reason that the word “wonder” is often preceded by the words “wide-eyed” .  It’s because wonder opens our eyes to a myriad of possibilities that we had never even considered before.  Our eyes, they have to widen to let in all the new information that’s just been sent our way.  All of a sudden we see paths available that we’ve never imagined existed.

My new baby girl was a real eye-opener for me.  Oh, the possibilities!  Would she be an athlete?  A scholar?  Both?  What would her passion be?  Would she one day have children of her own?  She was a blank page (even though God had already planned out her days).  Anything could happen!   And if God could make a wonder such as this, what other things is He capable of?

There is wonder and possibility in every single day, but as adults we sometimes lose the ability to be wowed.   For the past two nights, by some miracle of astronomy we have been able to see the planet Jupiter in the night sky, near the moon.  We pointed it out to our girls and we answered their questions about how and why (at least the ones we knew the answers to).  And I got to stand there with my family in childlike wonder as we contemplated the bigness and possibilities of our God.   May we take always keep that sense of wonder, everywhere we go.


5 thoughts on “Wonder

  1. Amen and amen again. You capture wonder with your words. Your heart and voice are filled with beauty….so tender so fragile so childlike. Oh to live as a child, and a child in wonder and awe….as children of God. So very nice to meet you what a gift.

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