Thank You

It’s Five-Minute Friday, the last one for a few weeks (gulp!).  Writing without a prompt?  It’s a little scary!

So, on the subject of Thank You:

She is the child I never thought I would have.  The one who required medical help to conceive, long after my first child was on the way to grown-up, and the path to her was littered with my tears and disappointments.  She’s a challenge to parent and she herself is challenged, but with God’s help we somehow make it through.  She’s not the child I thought she would be (are they ever?) and yet she is just right.

She sits at the table with the child who was born not from under my heart, but in it (and is a challenge all of her own), and the sweet baby child of my oldest child, all of them girls, and all of them making this woman’s heart swell with joy. 

And at the “big people” table sit my mother, my oldest girl, my son-in-love, and the man of my dreams, all the people closest to me.  And in front of us is a spread of food the likes that some people will never see, and I think, “How could I possibly express with any clarity the gratitude that is overflowing my soul?”  because it just grabs me around the heart.  And I hear the Father saying, “You can thank me with your life, with the way you go through the days, by seeing all the world as a gift from My heart to yours.”

And I wonder if I really could do that, live my life from the Thank You instead of the What Can You Do For Me?  It’s all the in eyes, in how I choose to see.  I can see my challenges as nuisances, or I can see them as an opportunity for God to show His power.  All the little things I take for granted, maybe I can open my eyes, slow down, and really SEE how blessed I am.

Time’s up!  I think I could have gone on for another 15 minutes. 


5 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. This is beautiful – yes yes yes, it is so ‘in the eyes’. I love your perspective and this piece just flows so wonderfully.

  2. Thank you. My husband always says that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!
    It makes such good sense where you describe the choice we have to choose how to look at circumstances.
    Much love

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