Five Minute Friday:

Raw is the best way I know to describe how I felt.  Watching my husband of 7 years walk out the door and leave me alone with our 3 year old daughter had stripped me of any energy to concoct a calm and cool image.  But as a Believer (albeit one who hadn’t always been walking as she should) I knew that the one place I could run for peace was back to the Father.  We had just recently moved back to my hometown and I didn’t feel comfortable going back to the church I had attended as a teenager, so I went to church that my aunt, uncle, cousins and their assorted children attended.  Sunday after Sunday I sat in the pew and wept.  It didn’t matter what the message was or what hymns were sung – I was broken.  This little church with a congregation of about 100 kind souls welcomed me in, and they did it in the way that felt like love to me.  They patted my shoulder, hugged my neck (I live in the South where we don’t just hug, we “hug necks”) and let me mourn and be sad without trying to tell me why I shouldn’t feel that way.  I needed to be left alone, yet be with people, as odd as that sounds.  It was exactly what I needed at that time and I will forever be grateful to those people for loving me during that time.  That felt like an open armed welcome to me at a time when I was grieving the end of my marriage.


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